The services of an interpreter are invaluable at a time when every word spoken matters. Are you planning a professional conference, do you have an appointment for a short meeting with business partners abroad, or do you need to arrange accompanying interpretation when visiting an office? Overcome the language barrier and contact us. We'll provide you with the right interpreter and equipment.

Opportunities where you will appreciate a real-time interpreter

  • Phone call
  • Office visits
  • Business meetings
  • Business presentations
  • seminars
  • workshops
  • International Conferences
  • Trips abroad
  • trade fair visits

Interpreting services

  • Conference (consecutive) interpreting - in consecutive interpreting, the interpreter always translates the shorter sections of the speaker's speech, so the speaker must pause and give space to the interpreter. This type of interpreting is suitable for seminars, workshops, interviews, trainings, business meetings. For this type of interpreting, one interpreter is sufficient for shorter events, for longer conferences or seminars, where it is necessary to translate longer professional contributions, it is appropriate to use two interpreters who take turns.
  • Simultaneous interpreting - in simultaneous interpreting is the speaker's speech translated into a foreign language at the same time. This type of interpretation is suitable for larger international seminars or conferences. It is used in it interpreting equipment in the form of interpreting booths, a wireless microphone and wireless headphones. We will provide this technique for you. Because this type of interpreting is very demanding, it requires two interpreters who take turns. It is also essential that interpreters have the opportunity to prepare in advance for the content of a meeting or conference.
  • Court interpreting - for court interpretation is necessary invite an interpreter who is registered with the relevant Regional Court and was certified as a court interpreter (own round stamp). A court interpreter is required for official acts before courts, for marriages, for acts performed before a notary etc.
  • Interpreting abroad
  • Telephone interpreting

Price list

The prices for the interpreting services mentioned can vary widely. Sometimes flight and hotel costs are included in the calculation. Our team will be happy to provide you with a free, non-binding offer.

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