We support you during phone calls

Do you want to make a phone call with a Czech-speaking person? Do not worry!

The city of Ústí nad Labem is not far from the German border. For us, Dresden is closer than Prague and those who want to go on a shopping trip from Ústí nad Labem are often more likely to go to the Saxon metropolis than to the Czech capital. This proximity, to both sides of the border, leads to more frequent encounters with the respective foreign languages.  You almost certainly already know this but when you speak face to face with someone who doesn't speak English, you use hands, feet, gestures, facial expressions and any number of objects within reach. A few Czech or German skills can also be helpful. But when you have to make a phone call you have none of the aforementioned aids to good communication. It just becomes more difficult. Telephoning in a foreign language requires deeper language skills.

When you use our services, you no longer have to worry about making a call abroad.  GERMA has German and Czech native speakers on the team who speak both languages and English fluently. We can also help you to deal with your affairs in the Czech-speaking area by telephone. In the past, we have helped our customers with problems as diverse as: arranging the formalities for the transport of remains from abroad, finding a home for abandoned animals and re-booking of flight tickets. We have also negotiated with the authorities and with current or future employers as well as helped to arrange doctor's appointments. 

How does this work? You simply tell us what the call should be about and send us all the information we need for the call. During the call we connect all participants in a "conference call".

We can, almost immediately, arrange phone calls in German, Czech and English. Other languages must be ordered in advance.

germa@germa.cz +420 608 653 650