Word of the Week: Swear

Nový americký prezident Joe Biden přísahal při inauguraci na vlastní rodinnou bibli,nemohli jsme si toho nevšimnout v našem Slovu týdne.

Biden was sworn in on a storied 19th century family Bible

President Joe Biden was sworn in on a 19th century family Bible on Wednesday, continuing his long-time tradition of using the heirloom during his decades of public service. The five-inch thick Bible features a Celtic cross on the cover, and has been in the Biden family since 1893. The President has used the Bible each time he has taken an oath of office, including during his first Senate swearing-in in 1973 and his swearings-in as vice president in 2009 and 2013. "Every important date is in there. For example, every time I've been sworn in for anything, the date has been on that, and it's inscribed on the Bible," Biden told Stephen Colbert in December.

(CNN, Devan Cole, January 20, 2020)

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